Advice from Successful Startup Founders: How Do You Find Great New Business Ideas?

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If you're looking for new business ideas to pursue, try starting with the words of Andy Mooney, the CEO of Fender and former CFO of Nike:

Successful business ideas often come from simple observation of human behavior.

"Limited Edition footwear at Nike came from someone pulling up beside me in my used black Porsche 924 in a shiny new yellow Sebring Edition 924 Porsche and me wondering if the concept of Limited Edition would work in athletic footwear. It worked. 

The Disney Princess idea came from waiting in line at a Disney on Ice show and seeing mothers and daughters decked out in princess regalia they’d made at home."

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How to Find New Business Ideas & Pursuits Whether you're on a journey to find new business ...

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Entrepreneur Motivation Series – How To Be a Successful Entrepreneur When You’re Busy

How To Be a Successful Entrepreneur If you dream of being a successful entrepreneur with the freedom to live life on your own terms but feel the timing might not be right, you're not alone.

Launching a new business or running a startup can be scary. It may feel like there is too much to do and there is never a good time to take the leap. But, don’t fret. Most of the time, it's not timing or resources that prevents us from taking action. It's our own mind placing limitations on ourselves.

To better understand how to calibrate our minds for success and remove timing as a barrier for pursuing our entrepreneurial dreams, the Natfluence team drew upon insights from world-class founders, ...

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Personal Branding Tips – How to Create a Personal Brand

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Personal Branding Introduction If you’re curious about how to create a personal brand, or if you’re interested to learn about why personal branding is a key ingredient for success, then read on.

Whether you realize it or not, “brands” have always been a large part of your life. Perhaps you pined after the latest Nike hightops as a child or your stomach still grumbles when you pass the iconic ‘golden arches’ from McDonald’s.

Whatever it may be, one thing is certain: the growth and success of most companies (and individuals) are due to clear messaging (e.g., branding) that makes them instantly recognizable.

Customers associate certain words, feelings, and images with brands. And, that kind of universal recognition translates into power, influence, and opportunities. ...

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Get Into College.

The College Process is Similar to Starting a Business. Much like starting a business, getting into the school of your choice requires a plan which extends beyond good grades. A successful college strategy includes how well you utilize resources. Resources include people, tools, information, technology, and much more.

Entrepreneurs know that it can be a struggle to compete with larger companies with more resources. This situation requires that the entrepreneur think and operate creatively, which is beneficial. The ability to leverage existing resources more effectively (and in new and imaginative ways) can provide an advantage.

Technology: the Resource that you need to be using. What is an accessible resource that students can be leveraging Right Now? If you guessed Technology, then you are correct.

Students ...

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