Personal Branding Tips – How to Create a Personal Brand in 2024

Whatever it may be, one thing is certain: the growth and success of most companies (and individuals) are due to clear messaging (e.g., branding) that makes them instantly recognizable.

Customers associate certain words, feelings, and images with brands. And, that kind of universal recognition translates into power, influence, and opportunities. These principles apply to startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes.

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Need Angel Investors? Know How to Attract Powerful Funding Angels

Image of Need an Angel Investor - Know How to Attract Powerful Funding Angels | From Natfluence Angel Investing Article

Whatever you want to call it – money, capital, funding, investment – the bottom line is you need it to start a successful business.

Research shows that a lack of capital is one of the most common reasons why small businesses fail.

In this guide, we cover (1) Different types of funding for startups; (2) What is an angel investor (3) Pros and cons of angel investing (4) Who should use angel investors (5) How to attract angel investors.

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Social Media Gold: How to Make the Ultimate Social Media Kit for Your Brand

Image of How to Make the Ultimate Social Media Kit for Your Brand | Natfluence Guide with Shane Barker

A well-designed social media kit is essential in helping your brand stand out.

It’s one of the most powerful business tools for delivering an engaging message on social media.

This guide breaks down everything you need to know about social media kits, including five steps for how to put one together.

By the end of this guide, you’ll understand how to effectively promote your brand on social media and improve your SEO.

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6 Powerful eCommerce SEO Tips to Save Your Shopify Store

Cover Image | 6 Powerful eCommerce SEO Tips to Save Your Shopify Store | Natfluence Blog | Shane Barker

Setting up a Shopify store is easy, but how familiar are you with eCommerce SEO?

You might have flipped the sign to ‘open’ on your digital store, but do you know how you will reach potential customers? Or, how you will make your shop more attractive than your competitors? More importantly, will your visitors purchase from you?

If you want potential shoppers to buy what you’re selling, you need to:

  1. Get them to your store (attract relevant traffic),
  2. Keep them there (offer a positive user experience), and
  3. Have them click that ‘Buy Now’ button (complete a transaction)
This is where eCommerce search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play.

Shopify pages that appear higher in search engine results attract more shoppers. By using six powerful SEO techniques, store ...

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Why Certain Businesses Are Recession-Proof: What You Need to Know

Cover Image from "Why Certain Businesses Are Recession-Proof: What You Need to Know" | Natfluence Guide

Welcome -- Today, we discuss why certain businesses and industries are considered to be “recession-proof.” The term is catchy and has gained increased attention.

But what exactly does it mean to be "recession-proof"?

In this article, we explore what makes a business recession-proof and how entrepreneurs and small business owners can apply the same strategies and techniques to strengthen their business model.

Here’s what we cover:

What Makes a Business Recession-Proof First, let’s recognize that the term “recession-proof” is not 100% accurate.

The impact of a recession is different for everyone, and complete protection against a bad economy is unrealistic. However, certain businesses and industries are less susceptible and may even do well during an economic downturn. These types of businesses are often referred to as ...

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How to Search Google Tasks – A Solution Inspired by Guy Kawasaki

Image of Natfluence Search Google Tasks Chrome Extension | From "How to Search Google Tasks - A Solution Inspired by Guy Kawasaki" Article | Featured Image

The Natfluence team thought long and hard about whether to build a tool focused on how to search Google Tasks.

Our goal was to create a one-of-a-kind tool that allowed users to easily search, manage, and edit all their Google Tasks using a simple but powerful web-based dashboard.

But, was this a good business decision?

To find out, we explored the unique problem the tool would solve, the extent of market demand, the competitive landscape, and a cost-benefit analysis.

As part of this journey, we looked to business guru, Guy Kawasaki (creator of Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People podcast) for guidance.

So, did it make business sense to build a tool for searching Google Tasks?

What we learned: Probably not a good business decision.

But, we decided to ...

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How to Save Big On Amazon Prime Day: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Image of How To Save Big On Amazon Prime Day: What you need to know | From Natfluence

If you haven’t heard of Amazon Prime Day, you’re in for a treat. Whether you’re a startup founder in bootstrapping mode, an entrepreneur looking to boost their productivity or a busy professional who doesn’t have time to shop, this is your opportunity to easily and quickly save big on the items you need for your business -- or on every day items you already use.

In this "Prime Day QuickStart Guide", we will walk through the basics of what you need to know to grab great prime day deals. In addition, we have compiled a list of top rated and best-selling products and deals for entrepreneurs and business owners.

To skip the basics, and get right into it, navigate to our "Amazon ...

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Top 3 Nonprofit Funding Strategies – How Can Nonprofits Get More Money in 2023?

In this guide, Natfluence breaks down three proven nonprofit funding strategies to help organizations raise more money.

With the help of several world-class nonprofit CEOs, founders, and experts, we explore innovative fundraising strategies in depth.

You will learn how to:

– Diversify your funding model with planned giving,
– Leverage strategic fundraising technology to raise more money, and
– Organize peer-to-peer giving campaigns

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