How to Use ChatGPT Prompts to Create Winning Video Testimonials

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The Role of ChatGPT in Video Testimonials

The understanding that video testimonials are integral to attracting new business is non-negotiable– particularly in the world of e-commerce.

That’s why a whopping 90% of marketers vouch for testimonials as the most potent form of content marketing.

Now comes the crucial question: How can we marry this power with the transformative potential of AI to generate impactful video testimonials without losing the personal touch that makes them so effective?

Enter ChatGPT, an AI tool that is capable of not only slashing production time by 50% but also doubling viewer engagement.(1)

But how does ChatGPT accomplish this without sacrificing authenticity?

The answer lies in the art of narrative creation. With ChatGPT, you can transform testimonials from customer voices into engaging narratives that evoke trust.

Picture ChatGPT as your dedicated digital director, navigating through data, meticulously structuring video testimonials, and weaving compelling storylines from satisfied customer experiences.

This process doesn’t dilute authenticity; it enhances it by breathing life into real testimonials,

Continue reading, as we break down five AI-powered tips using ChatGPT that will not only save your time, but also create compelling, conversion-boosting testimonials.

No animals were harmed during the filming of this video testimonial.

1. Use ChatGPT to Research Testimonial Best Practices

Testimonials are essential for e-commerce strategy and brand image, but the secret lies in what makes a testimonial truly captivating.

Here’s where ChatGPT comes in as your digital advisor, helping you answer critical questions before selecting a candidate for your testimonial.


Start by engaging ChatGPT in a dialogue about testimonial best practices by asking something like this:

ChatGPT Prompt: “Provide 3 best practices for creating a testimonial video aimed at Gen Z.”

Image of ChatGPT Prompt for best practices for creating a testimonial video, from Natfluence Guide on how to create video testimonial with ChatGPT
Example: ChatGPT prompt for generating video testimonial best practices

This powerful AI assistant will arm you with insights about the ideal length and structure of your video and highlight the aspects of your brand that elicit engagement.

The above example shows guidance for reaching broad demographic groups. However with a little more effort, you can tailor your prompt to engage niche audiences that are more relevant for your brand.

ChatGPT’s capabilities are growing every day, and by using a combination of effective prompts and available plug-ins, you can create content that resonates with your target audience.

For instance, it's now possible to incorporate real-time data into your ChatGPT prompts.

ChatGPT With Browsing Function

With the introduction of new internet browsing functions for ChatGPT, a wealth of successful video testimonial examples lies at your fingertips.

To access this functionality, simply activate a plugin such as WebChatGPT and then pose a query like “Show me examples of successful video testimonials for a Gen Z audience.” The responses you receive will help fuel your creativity and provide a solid foundation for your own testimonial.

Once you’re brimming with ideas about the content to include in your testimonial, it’s time to inject these creative thoughts back into ChatGPT.

Ask ChatGPT to outline the key components of a persuasive testimonial. For example, if you’re creating a testimonial designed to appeal to Gen Z, ChatGPT may guide you through how to emphasize sustainability and diversity over product functionality.

2. Generate Testimonial Questions with ChatGPT

The brilliance of testimonial creation lies in drawing out authentic and captivating responses from your interviewees.

That's why the next crucial step of your testimonial journey is to devise compelling questions.

Remember, authenticity is paramount. Your questions should not only coax out honest reactions but also act as a compass, guiding your interviewee towards revealing the crucial information needed for an impactful testimonial.

Let’s witness the practicality of ChatGPT.


Suppose your testimonial aims to spotlight core benefits such as diversity, sustainability, or durability. Feed these pointers into a conversation with ChatGPT, as follows:

ChatGPT Prompt: “Generate 3 impactful testimonial questions that emphasize the benefits of diversity, sustainability, and durability in our product that we can use in a video testimonial.

Image of how to generate video testimonial questions with chatgpt prompt from Natfluence guide "How to Boost E-commerce Sales with ChatGPT-Enhanced Video Testimonials"
Example: ChatGPT prompt for generating video testimonial questions

Or, if you want to get more specific, you can specify your product and add context such as the following:

ChatGPT Prompt: “My company creates leather notebooks. I would like to collect video testimonials to obtain authentic and meaningful feedback. The testimonials will be performed on camera in real-time between a company employee and the customer. Generate 3 questions we should ask to highlight our company’s sustainable practices, diversity and customer service. Ensure the testimonial highlights the durability of our notebooks.”

Image of ChatGPT prompt for video testimonial questions
Example: ChatGPT prompt for video testimonial questions (specific)

With ChatGPT, you can escape the labyrinth of endless brainstorming sessions. The AI tool can curate a customized set of questions for each customer, adding a unique flavor to every response. This bolsters the authenticity of your testimonials and weaves an enchanting variety into your narratives.


In a world where AI might be viewed with skepticism by some, it’s fascinating to observe that AI, like ChatGPT, can produce questions that capture human emotions with 90%+ accuracy, ensuring faster question generation and higher response quality from customers. A common misconception debunked!

Image of ChatGPT Emotional Awareness Statistics, Data and Facts
Source: ChatGPT outperforms humans in emotional awareness 

Here’s a snapshot of the benefits for a few interested parties:

  • E-commerce entrepreneurs: substantial time saved in the creation of testimonials.
  • Marketing professionals: improved quality of interaction with customers during the testimonial process.
  • AI enthusiasts: practical application of AI that enhances the value of testimonials.
  • E-commerce software providers: opportunities to enrich software solutions with AI-powered capabilities that offer users an intelligent, time-saving way to engage their customers.

3. Create ChatGPT-Assisted Scripts for Testimonial Interviews

It’s important to ensure that testimonials come across as genuine and spontaneous.

However, you still need a script to help guide the interview process. This structure allows you to navigate through the key points identified in your research, ensuring critical aspects are covered.

While it’s crucial to keep testimonials authentic and spontaneous, a guiding script for the interview process is indispensable.

A structured script provides a roadmap, steering the conversation and ensuring no essential aspect goes overlooked.

Let’s delve into how ChatGPT becomes a potent ally in this context:


  • Simplicity in Scripting: ChatGPT simplifies your script creation process. Feed it the key benefits you aim to highlight in your testimonials, and voila! You get a tailored interview script, ready to use.
  • Natural Flow: An interview guided by a ChatGPT script ensures a smoother conversation flow, even if your interviewer isn’t an experienced actor or isn’t comfortable in front of the camera. This helps in creating a more relaxed atmosphere for the interviewee, facilitating a more authentic testimonial.
  • Guide, Not Dictate: Remember, ChatGPT is here to guide, not dictate the dialogue. The purpose of the script isn’t to dictate what the interviewee says. Instead, it serves as a roadmap, helping the interviewer pose questions that extract valuable and genuine responses from the customer.
  • Voice of the Brand: If the interviewer’s questions will be audible in the video, they act as the voice of your brand. A well-crafted script helps them convey your brand’s message effectively and professionally.


Now, let’s put ChatGPT to the test. You’re looking to highlight the sustainability of your e-commerce brand in your next testimonial. You engage with ChatGPT as follows:

ChatGPT Prompt: “I need an interview script emphasizing our brand’s sustainability practices. The interviewer isn’t comfortable on camera. Provide a streamlined script highlighting our brand’s sustainability, while helping the interviewer navigate the conversation.”

The AI takes your input and provides a streamlined script:

Image of ChatGPT prompt for creating a video testimonial script
Example: ChatGPT prompt for generating a video testimonial script

Alternatively, using the leather notebooks example above, you can create a basic interview script continuing the existing chat using the following:

ChatGPT Prompt: “Generate a basic interview script for the interviewer to follow. The purpose of the script is to ensure that the points in your previous response (sustainable practices, diversity, customer service, and durability) are captured by the testimonial. The purpose of the script is to guide the interviewer.

Image of ChatGPT prompt for creating a video testimonial script (in existing chat)
Example: ChatGPT prompt for video testimonial scripts (existing chat)

Try it for yourself: Use ChatGPT as your digital scriptwriter for your next testimonial interview. Create scripts that stay on track, flow naturally, and extract impactful responses from your customers.

4. Edit and Refine Your Testimonial Video with ChatGPT

Once your interview is complete, you can leverage ChatGPT to streamline the video editing process.

From structuring the video to accentuating critical segments, ChatGPT can support you in producing an impactful narrative.

Within ChatGPT, you can input up to 2,500 words of text in a single prompt. For concise interviews, the full interview text might fit into a single prompt, allowing for seamless editing guidance. In this case, direct ChatGPT to develop a cohesive video script from the complete interview dialogue.


Here’s an example of what you can get:

Image of how to use chatgpt to edit testimonial videos
Example: ChatGPT prompt for editing a testimonial video

For more extensive testimonials, you can break down the interview into segments, feeding each part separately to ChatGPT.

This allows you to take advantage of the AI’s capabilities to extract concise, effective soundbites from each customer response – creating a dense, engaging narrative.

After curating the responses for your video, use ChatGPT to add enhancements like text overlays or Calls to Action (CTAs). This will serve to further drive viewer engagement, turning passive observers into active customers.

Remember, the more accessible your content is, the more effective it will be. Ensure your testimonial includes captions to cater to those with hearing impairments or those watching without sound.

Additionally, visually appealing elements and clearly marked CTAs can assist in capturing viewer attention, holding it, and then directing it toward a desired action.

ChatGPT, as your smart editing assistant, can help you weave compelling narratives, spotlight pivotal moments, and add an engaging touch to your testimonials – all set to captivate your audience and elevate your e-commerce narrative.

5. Leverage ChatGPT to Market Your Testimonials

Navigating the e-commerce landscape requires more than just creating compelling video testimonials. The real challenge lies in effective promotion and digital marketing.

Luckily, with ChatGPT, you can amplify the reach and influence of your testimonials.

ChatGPT can help you draft powerful, catchy social media posts and blog excerpts to promote your testimonials. Simply tell ChatGPT about the highlights of your testimonial video, and it will craft engaging promotional content. You can even request a variety of styles and tones to match your specific platform and audience preferences.


For instance, for Twitter’s fast-paced feeds, you might want to use the following prompt:

ChatGPT Prompt: “Draft a short, compelling tweet to promote a testimonial about our sustainable leather notebooks.’

With this simple instruction, ChatGPT will provide a quick, attention-grabbing post for your followers:

Image of ChatGPT Prompt for video testimonial tweet
Example: ChatGPT prompt for video testimonial tweet

Email marketing is still at the forefront when it comes to return on investment (ROI).

With ChatGPT, you can craft compelling email subject lines and content that highlight your video testimonials. This encourages your subscribers to engage with your testimonials, and subsequently, your products.

Try the following:

ChatGPT Prompt: “We are looking to initiate an Email marketing campaign that highlights our video testimonials and encourages our subscribers to engage with them–and ultimately with our products. Please suggest an approach.”

Image of ChatGPT prompt for video testimonial email marketing campaign
Example: ChatGPT prompt for video testimonial email marketing campaign

As for SEO, it’s important to include transcripts of your video testimonials on your website. ChatGPT can assist in converting speech to text, ensuring your valuable testimonials are discoverable by search engines, thereby improving your SEO.

These are just a few ways you can leverage ChatGPT to market your video testimonials.


When it comes to video testimonials, authenticity and personalization aren’t just concepts – they’re the keys to unlocking a powerful connection with your customers.

Using ChatGPT, you can retain these core values while adding the power of AI to your marketing strategy, making your testimonial videos more engaging and effective.

The best testimonials offer a captivating story, a tale of customer satisfaction that evokes trust, introduces the brand, and demonstrates value.

It’s important to preserve the human touch while amplifying its effect with the strategic prowess of AI, generating content that meets the evolving demands of a digital-first audience.

The future of e-commerce marketing is not just about adopting AI; it’s about using it to enhance the human experience. ChatGPT offers you this chance.

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