A Five-Part Dating Plan: How to Date Like it’s Your Business

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Getting Started with Your Dating Plan

Imagine if dating was like launching a startup – meticulous, strategic, and results-oriented.

Welcome to the forefront of strategic romance, where a well-structured dating plan is your blueprint for navigating your love life with the precision and tenacity of a seasoned CEO.

As with any solid plan, your dating plan should be dynamic—adaptable, open to shifts and revisions.

Writing this plan down isn’t just a formality, but a call to deliberate, strategize, and crystallize your dating approach. As you step onto this exciting path of strategic dating, let’s delve into key elements that will shape your journey:

  1. Mission Statement: Your dating goals.
  2. Executive Summary: What sets you apart.
  3. Budget & Time: Your available resources.
  4. Marketing Strategy: How you present yourself.
  5. Execution: Your dating actions.

What To Know

This five-part dating plan guide is a supplement to our original article on entrepreneur dating titled: ‘How to Find Love While You Chase Your Passion‘ — which provides 10 actionable dating strategies for entrepreneurs and career-focused professionals to achieve a successful dating life when they’re busy.

How to use this guide:

The intent of this guide is to get you set up with a customized dating plan template you can use going forward.

Begin by opening a blank document, such as Google Docs. Create five sections titled ‘Mission Statement,’ ‘Executive Summary’, ‘Dating Budget’ and Marketing Strategy. As you go through each section, write down your answers to any questions or fill-in-the-blanks.

Add your own notes to tailor your dating plan.

OKAY–Let’s dive in:


Defining your dating goals and objectives is crucial – without a clear vision, how will you find what you’re looking for?

Successful entrepreneurs know their "ideal customer," and you should know your ideal partner.

Think about it like this – entrepreneurs have a clear picture of their target audience. In fact, they usually begin with a marketing plan. This allows them to cater to their customers’ needs. This same approach can be beneficial in your dating journey.

Start by populating the following dating goal statement (fill in the blanks):

“I want to share my life with someone who is __[describe your dream partner]__, which allows me to live a life that __[describe what your dream life looks like]__. I won’t tolerate __[describe your deal breaker(s)]__.”

This isn’t about perfection, but about understanding your desires.

Now, further define your goal statement by writing down basic attributes, preferences, and considerations that are important to you in a partner: ___________________


  • Personality
  • Lifestyle
  • Location
  • Physical Attributes
  • Religion
  • Education
  • Profession
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age range
  • Political/Social Views
  • Health Habits
  • Family/Children

Now, indicate the importance level:

  • Necessity
  • Deal-breaker
  • Nice-to-have

If you’re unsure, classify it as a ‘nice to have‘. For those marked as ‘necessities,’ write down why it’s important to you.

Image of Five-Part Dating Plan Guide, Dating Template & Planner | From Natfluence
Example: Dating Plan Goal Statement Analysis

After this exercise, return to your initial goal statement. Refine it based on your newfound clarity. This will serve as your dating mission statement.


Your dating executive summary is your snapshot. It encapsulates you, showing potential partners what to expect. This summary must be honest and reflective of you, aligning with your mission statement.

Brainstorm a list of your ‘features’ and ‘benefits’ as described below:


Features‘ are your attributes – they paint a picture of you.

Here are some examples:

  • Passions & Interests
  • Lifestyle & Hobbies
  • Work & Side Hustles
  • Personality Type
  • Family
  • Values


While “features” relate more to relevant facts and descriptors about you, “benefits” relate more to the value you offer a potential partner.

This value is subjective, varying from person to person. Be honest – this authenticity will attract the right partner for you.


  • Top achievements and accomplishments
  • What you’re complimented on
  • What you’ve created or built
  • How you make people feel


For context, look at this ad for Rowdy Energy Drinks. Its features are that it’s plant-based, vegan, and gluten-free. But the benefit? It gives you more energy and hydration.

Example: Benefits vs. Features (Image Credit: Rowdy Energy)

Using this as a reference, write down your features and benefits. Next, translate each feature into a benefit in the context of dating.

Here’s a basic example:

FeatureDescriptionBenefit in Dating Context
Good listenerI’m patient, understanding, and empatheticI can understand and empathize with my partner’s feelings and experiences
AdventurousI enjoy trying new activities and experiencesI can bring excitement and novelty to the relationship
Career-orientedI’m ambitious and driven in my careerI can provide stability and ambition to the relationship
Healthy lifestyleI exercise regularly and eat healthilyI can encourage and inspire a healthy lifestyle in a partner

To go deeper with defining your personal dating brand, leverage the Natfluence personal branding worksheet for ideas.


Next, use the exercise above to craft your tagline or personal brand pitch.

Distill your features and benefits into 1-3 captivating sentences that reflect what you care about and accurately describe you. Have different versions of these ‘dating pitch’ sentences handy for various situations.


Dating Pitch 1:

Innovative tech entrepreneur with a penchant for high-stakes poker games and Michelin-star dining experiences. My world is a thrilling spin of disruptive technologies and weekend escapes to the serene vineyards.

Key Dating Benefit: Offers a partner excitement in the world of tech, luxury dining experiences, and romantic escapes to tranquil vineyards.

Dating Pitch 2:

Human rights lawyer turned wildlife conservationist, I navigate with equal ease between the intensity of courtroom battles and the wild, untamed beauty of African landscapes. My existence is a tapestry of advocating justice, savouring the perfect brew of coffee, and discovering beauty in the unexpected.

Key Dating Benefit: Provides a partner with a thrilling balance of passion for justice, adventurous spirit, and shared quiet moments over a perfect cup of coffee.

Dating Pitch 3:

As a doctor, I heal; as a jazz musician, I inspire. My life oscillates between caring for others and creating soul-stirring melodies. I cherish profound conversations, impromptu travel, and tranquil evenings engrossed in a compelling narrative.

Key Dating Benefit: Promises a partner a compassionate companion, shared soulful music, stimulating discussions, spontaneous trips, and cozy evenings immersed in captivating stories.

Dating Plan Tip

By completing the exercise above, you’ve crafted an engaging dating pitch. Now you’re set to make a great impression, whether during a chat or on your dating profile


In dating, like in any venture, you need the right resources. Two key ones are time and money.

Image of Dating Budget Planner from Natfluence Five-Part Dating Plan Guide, Dating Template
Example of a dating budget planner that can be used in a dating plan


Having a defined budget will help you to determine what you can reasonably spend money on in your journey to finding your partner. It’s also a useful exercise for identifying the “hidden costs” associated with dating.

Examples of potential costs include monthly dues or subscriptions fees for dating apps, costs associated with going on dates (transportation, meals, drinks, clothes, grooming), professional services, photo shoots, dating coaches, and events you might attend.

To determine your budget, you need to first identify what you have to work with. To do this, estimate your monthly income, and then estimate your monthly spending. From what’s left, allocate a percentage of this to dating expenses, and monitor this budget closely.

Image of Dating Budget Planner Template from the "A Five-Part Dating Plan: How to Date Like it’s Your Business" article

Looking for more specific guidance on how to determine an appropriate budget for dating?

Check out our Dating Budget Planner, an editable template that you can download and use to create, manage and monitor your dating spending.

Dating Plan Tip

For budget-friendly first date ideas, see the Natfluence Entrepreneur Dating Guide.


Time is precious and limited. To make the most of it, establish your availability and set clear goals.

Dedicate a specific portion of your week to dating activities, and set realistic targets for what you want to accomplish in the short term (e.g., 1 month) and long term (e.g., 3 months, 6 months).

A tentative timeline can serve as your roadmap. It keeps you focused, holds you accountable, and propels you towards your targets.

Dating Plan Tip

For additional guidance on managing your time and setting up a dating schedule, see our our Dating Plan Execution Framework guide.



The above steps helped to define your ideal partner, now it’s time to increase your chances of encountering them.

Imagine finding love while engaged in an activity you enjoy? That's a win-win situation and an essential part of your dating strategy.

Let’s get creative. Where might you find your perfect match? How can you reach them?

Jot down where your dream partner might hang out, what activities they might enjoy, and who could introduce you. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where might they be on weekdays, weekends, or evenings?
  • What events might they attend that align with their interests?
  • Who in my network might know someone who fits my ideal partner’s description?

No, this isn’t about stalking.

It’s about making yourself available, exploring new experiences, and improving your chances of finding a compatible match.

Above all, take steps towards your dating goal, but let things unfold naturally and enjoy the process.


So far, steps 1 – 3 have helped you map out your desires and visualize your goals. Now, it’s time to flip the script.

While planning is key, there’s no teacher like experience. Let’s put your ideas to the test.

This 'field research' phase is about stepping out of your comfort zone, challenging your assumptions, and getting hands-on experience.

Here’s how to dive in:

  1. When opportunities to try new things or meet new people come up, if your gut reaction is ‘no,’ switch it to a bold ‘YES.’
  2. Write a list of activities you’d usually decline and commit to giving them a go.

Include these action steps in your dating plan and keep a record of your discoveries. As you venture into new territory, stay open-minded.

Avoid falling into the trap of confirmation bias or self-fulfilling prophecies. This is your chance to broaden your horizons and truly understand what you’re looking for.


We’ve all heard the advice: “Just. Be. Yourself.

Yes, authenticity is crucial. But don’t mistake this for a free pass from effort. When it comes to showcasing who you are in a brief moment, it’s all about spotlighting your most relevant and compelling traits.

Dating Statistics Source: eHarmony
Think of yourself as an entrepreneur making a pitch. Facts and credibility are key, but they must also present their offering in the most compelling light to pique investor interest.

So, let’s reframe those three words: Be. Your. Best. Self.

This mantra should guide you in crafting your dating media kit. You’ve already focused on:

  • Mission Statement (your dating goals)
  • Executive Summary (a snapshot of you and your essence)
  • Benefit Statement (your personal elevator pitch)

Now it’s time to refine, embellish, and strategically repurpose these elements, creating a buzz around your personal brand.

Dating Statistics Source: Zoosk | eHarmony

This could involve professionally-taken photos or different versions of your dating profiles, both of which can significantly enhance your online dating success. Consider preparing introductory and response message templates to aid in kick-starting and sustaining conversations.

The overarching aim is to design a personal brand that radiates your unique selling points and the image you wish to portray. 

This media kit, a carefully curated showcase of your best self, will enable you to stand out and communicate effectively in the dating arena


Armed with your media kit and a clear image of your dream partner, it’s time to propel your profile into the dating universe.

Consider all the platforms and methods you can leverage for exposure. These should be noted in the execution plan section of your dating plan.

Here are some channels you might utilize:

  • Dating Websites / Apps
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Matchmakers

Here’s an example of how you might approach this in your Google Doc:

Image of Five-Part Dating Plan Guide, Dating Template & Planner, Marketing Strategy Example | From Natfluence
Example: Marketing Channels Table for Dating Plan

Customize your approach for each channel, but remember, the goal is to identify potential sources that will help you get exposure.

To truly stand out, you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone.


At this point, you’ve laid the groundwork for:

  1. Your dating goal and objectives (mission statement)
  2. What makes you unique and desirable (executive summary)
  3. Budget and time considerations (resources)
  4. How you will present yourself and reach your audience (marketing strategy)

Now, it’s time to leap into action. Your execution strategy is your roadmap, guiding your journey towards your relationship objectives.

This stage is all about detailing your action plan and turning your strategy into practical steps.

Here's where you deploy your resources and begin ticking off tasks, refining your strategy, and monitoring progress.

Let’s have a look:


Your action plan comprises the critical tasks propelling you towards your dating goals.

Use an organized structure to streamline your list of potential activities.

Begin broadly, outlining the significant areas for action. Then, drill down, detailing specific steps within these areas.

Consider the following framework for organizing dating activities, inspired by seven business-themed dating aspects for the entrepreneurially inclined:

  1. Development: (e.g., dating mindset and energy)
  2. Research: (e.g., dating information gathering
  3. Education: (e.g., dating knowledge accumulation)
  4. Media Kit: (e.g., dating profile content)
  5. Marketing: (e.g., dating channels and other outlets)
  6. Budgeting: (e.g., dating resources)
  7. Operations: (e.g., dating interactions)


Here are examples of dating activities for each of these categories:

Category Activities
Development• Practice mindfulness and positive affirmations daily.
• Allocate time for self-care and personal development.
Research• Study dating trends, read dating advice books, watch dating-themed videos.
• Follow relationship experts on social media.
Education• Attend dating seminars or workshops.
• Read books or articles on relationships and communication.
Media Kit• Update your dating profile bi-weekly or monthly.
• Conduct a photo shoot for updated profile pictures.
Marketing Channels• Utilize dating apps and websites.
• Ask friends and family if they know anyone who aligns with your ideal partner.
Budgeting• Allocate funds for dating-related expenses.
• Track and review your dating expenses monthly.
Operations• Go on at least two dates per month.
• Practice open and honest communication on all dates.


If you were to run with organizing your dating activities around these seven categories, your action plan might look something like this:

Image of Project Plan Example from the Natfluence Dating Plan Guide and Template
Example of project plan for dating

Dating Plan Tip

For further guidance on implementing the above framework check out our Dating Plan Execution Framework guide.

Review the Dating Plan Execution Framework guide for inspiration, then let your creativity loose on your own ideas. Remember, these categories are flexible – adapt them to fit your needs

FINAL THOUGHT: How to use your dating plan

Dating is more than just an adventure – it’s an investment in you, your happiness, and your future. As you’ve mastered the art of strategic thinking in your professional pursuits, apply that same methodology to navigate your love life.

Your custom dating plan is your compass, each step and experience drawing you closer to achieving your dating goals. Using this guide, along with the bonus resources below, explore dating as a business venture – one requiring a clear vision, a meticulously crafted plan, and consistent action.

Dating plan bonus resources

  • Entrepreneur Dating Guide: Actionable strategies for anyone with a career-focused lifestyle – or those who feel they are “too busy to date”.
  • Dating Plan Execution Framework Guide: A seven-part walk through of how to structure a project plan for dating from the perspective of running a business.
  • The Dating Infographics Bundle Packet: Four full-length, high resolution infographics breaking down everything from why dating is so hard to 10 innovative strategies for getting better dating results.

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