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Why work with an executive coach?

Business Growth: Up to a 788% ROI (return on investment)

Elevated Productivity: 86% report significant performance improvements

Stronger Relationships: 70% enhance their communication skills and network

Leadership Acumen: 80% experience heightened self-assurance and confidence

Why Work with an executive coach?

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Reach Next-Level Success with:

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Coaching clients get:Tailored 1 on 1 Coaching, Dedicated Support, Monthly Phone Calls, Ongoing Email Assistance, Impactful Marketing Materials, Strategic Documents

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In Case You Have Questions

What type of clients do you serve, and who will get the most out of B2C SaaS growth coaching?

Designed specifically for B2C SaaS founders and executives, this executive coaching service paves the way for internet-based businesses, particularly those in the early stages of development, to accelerate their growth.

Catering to leaders of startups making between $100,000 and $2 million per year, the coaching program is uniquely tailored to help scale up to and beyond $3 million in revenue.

Startups looking for help navigating the crucial pre-seed, seed, and Series A phases will benefit significantly from specialized B2C SaaS growth coaching.

Who is David Kelly and why was he selected as Chief Coach?

David Kelly is a seasoned executive coach and growth strategist, with a proven track record of mentoring and guiding over 150 SaaS businesses toward remarkable growth. Specializing in B2C/DTC SaaS companies, David brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in steering startups through pre-seed, seed, and Series A phases.

David stands at the forefront of executive coaching and growth expertise, specializing in transforming B2C SaaS founders and executives into industry leaders. As the General Manager for AppSumo Originals, he spearheaded the growth of legendary products like TidyCal, SendFox, and Sumo.com, driving over $13 million in revenue and establishing a benchmark in the SaaS sector.

This impressive feat underlines David's acumen in product and growth marketing strategies, including PLG and growth hacks, a skillset that has catalyzed the success of numerous high-growth businesses, including McKinsey, Massage Envy, Bitly, Sticker Mule, MoneyMade, TradeZella, Wordable, and even the government of Switzerland.

With a keen eye for innovation, David adeptly integrates AI technologies, particularly GPT-4, into business models, enhancing productivity and efficiency for startups. This modern approach, coupled with  expertise in team management and scaling operations, offers invaluable insights to executives balancing day-to-day responsibilities with ambitious growth objectives.

Beyond the tangible results, David's coaching transcends traditional methods. He is a recognized thought leader in executive and leadership mindsets, imparting lessons from his own journey of scaling SaaS businesses to multi-million-dollar heights. His coaching is not just about strategies; it's about fostering a mindset of growth and innovation, empowering leaders to not only envision success but to actualize it

What areas can I expect my coach to focus on?

B2C SaaS growth coaching encompasses essential aspects of business growth and leadership. These services include:

  • Product and Growth Marketing Strategies: Dive into effective frameworks used to elevate multiple products to seven-figure revenues, including Product-Led Growth (PLG) and innovative growth hacks.
  • Team Hiring and Management: Gain insights into balancing day-to-day responsibilities while strategically hiring and managing for scalability.
  • AI/GPT-4 Integration: Discover how to leverage AI and tools like GPT-4 to enhance productivity and innovation, multiplying output with fewer resources.

Can I try out 1 on 1 coaching sessions for a month to see if it's for me?

Yes–this program is designed for ongoing coaching, which has been proven to provide the most value.

With ongoing coaching, each client receives personalized attention through 1 on 1 coaching sessions. These sessions are designed to address unique challenges and goals, fostering an environment of focused and effective growth. 

Clients can expect dedicated support including phone calls, ongoing email assistance, and expert aid in creating impactful marketing materials and strategic documents.

The specifics of the program will be determined after the initial discovery call to ensure that the coaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs.

How can a startup executive coach accelerate my business growth?

A startup mentor brings invaluable experience and insights to early-stage business founders.

By partnering with a mentor, you gain access to proven strategies for scaling your business, networking opportunities, and personalized advice on navigating the startup ecosystem.

The role of a startup mentor is to help you identify growth opportunities, avoid common pitfalls, and make informed decisions that propel your business forward.

What does SaaS coaching entail, and how is it different?

SaaS coaching is tailored to address the unique needs of Software as a Service businesses. This specialized coaching focuses on areas like customer acquisition, subscription model optimization, and leveraging technology for growth. Unlike general business coaching, SaaS coaching requires an in-depth understanding of the SaaS business model and its rapidly evolving landscape.

What kind of strategies would a startup executive coach recommend for scaling a business?

A growth coach specializing in startups might recommend strategies centered around market analysis, customer engagement, and lean methodologies.

For SaaS businesses, this might involve exploring innovative marketing channels, refining product-market fit, and implementing efficient operational processes.

This type of coaching helps founders and executives to not only envision these strategies but also to execute them effectively.

What benefits does 1 on 1 coaching offer over group sessions?

1 on 1 coaching offers a more personalized and focused approach compared to group sessions.

It allows for a deeper understanding of individual challenges and goals, and the development of customized strategies. This personalized attention ensures that each session directly addresses your specific needs, leading to more impactful outcomes in your business journey.

How can AI integration benefit startups, and what role would a startup executive coach play in this?

AI integration can significantly benefit startups by automating processes, enhancing customer experiences, and providing data-driven insights.

The role of a growth coach involves helping startups identify the best AI tools and strategies for their specific business model, ensuring seamless integration and maximizing the potential of AI to drive growth and innovation.

What makes B2C SaaS growth coaching unique?

B2C SaaS growth coaching is unique due to its focus on consumer-centric strategies.

It involves understanding consumer behavior, optimizing user experience, and developing effective customer acquisition and retention tactics.

An executive coach with expertise in B2C SaaS helps clients navigate the complexities of the consumer market and implement strategies that resonate with their target audience.

Why should a SaaS startup consider executive coaching?

A SaaS startup should consider executive coaching to gain strategic insights, accelerate growth, and enhance leadership skills. Executive coaching provides SaaS founders and executives with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the competitive SaaS landscape effectively, make data-driven decisions, and lead their teams towards success.

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