Now that you have the stage, what will you tell the world?

Strong Fit?

For those interested in a Go-Getter ("AdVert") Feature, the process is outlined on this page.

To get featured as a Disruptor ("AdVice" or "AdVantage"), click here.

Getting Started



Get a feel for things

Explore the features on the Interviews page to familiarize yourself with the platform.



Submit Application

Complete and submit the Interview Application

We will review your application, and if approved, we will email you to request high-resolution images and provide you with an "Interview Questionnaire/Guide," which includes additional details for finalizing your interview feature.



Tell Your Story

Follow the guidance in the "Interview Questionnaire/Guide" to document your insights and prepare your feature. Put thought and heart into your responses. More importantly, have fun and discover some new things about yourself.

Once finished, send the document back so that we can work with you to finalize the process.



Share Your Insights

Be proud. You put a lot of effort into articulating who you are and illustrating what makes you unique. Share your voice and insights through as many channels as you can. Add your interview page to your email signature or post on social media. Get creative. Get it out there. Let the world learn from you.

"If you were asked to briefly sum up your...contributions and supporting causes, would you be able to do so...? Leaders often miss the mark when it comes to succinctly identifying who they are, what they stand for and how they help people and businesses grow. 
Historically, this question may have been reserved for interviewing processes, but today, more often than not, this ideal differentiates positions of influence, otherwise known as personal brands."

LaKisha Greenwade,

Common Questions

Is there a cost to this?

Why do I need to "apply"?

There are no costs associated with an Advert feature. 

As we further develop the platform, we may offer additional premium features and services.

Our mission is to build a community of entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders and changemakers that welcome the opportunity to share and strengthen their perspective and voice. Our application process is designed to attract Go-Getters that are motivated, driven and not afraid to step outside of their comfort zone.