The Art of Crushing Obstacles (Crash Course)

Discover how to break through barriers and achieve your most important goals 10X faster — build resilience, grit, and mental toughness.

For the price of two New York City lattes, you can learn lifelong skills to deflect the things that stand in your way and attract what’s important to you.


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About the Course


The Timeless Techniques for Defeating Setbacks mini-course is part of The Art of Crushing Obstacles series, and includes four comprehensive lessons for deflecting, diffusing and defeating setbacks.

Filled with proven strategies and techniques, this crash course is designed to help you navigate obstacles more swiftly and efficiently.

Best for:

Entrepreneurs | Small businesses | Solopreneurs | Goal-getters

What you’ll learn

This course breaks down the fundamentals of systematically removing your biggest obstacles so that your path is clear to achieve your most important goals.

You will learn proven strategies and techniques to:

  • Replace self-imposed barriers with powerful goal-boosting habits
  • Transform fear into a catalyst for breaking boundaries
  • Rewire your subconscious to dismantle and reverse unpromising situations
  • Embrace failure and establish a portfolio of stepping stones to fuel future success

Sneak peak

Browse the below sample materials (not in order) to get a feel for the course.


Use code 93%-OFF to enjoy 93% OFF.
Regular Price: $125 | Today Only (with coupon): $10

Course Details


Take advantage of this limited time offer and grab your chance to get The Timeless Techniques for Defeating Setbacks mini-course for just $10!

Plus, you’ll get the below bonus resource at no extra cost.

FAST-ACTION BONUS: Success Principles from 10 Fearless Power Players

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to do great things. Instead, take advantage of the knowledge and experience of those who have already achieved incredible success.

Check out these 10 tried-and-true principles from some of the most influential leaders, dreamers, and businesspeople on the planet. 

Each principle highlights one major theme that’s integral to taking control of your life and achieving success. If practiced consistently, these strategies will help you maximize your potential and reach your goals.


Grab the Timeless Techniques for Defeating Setbacks mini-course today — which includes the following:

  • A four-lesson action guide with examples and activities (primary content)
  • Four reflection packets with additional resources to apply your knowledge
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS: The “Success Principles from 10 Fearless Power Players” eBook

Regular Price: $125 | Your Price (with code: 93%-OFF): $10

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